What’s it all about?


I’m a scatterbrain… seriously I am; I’d forget most of my body parts if they weren’t screwed on.  I also have a busy life, don’t we all nowadays, and I felt that I needed a vehicle for remembering what has happened so that when I get time to stop I can take a look back and see what I’ve accomplished and what fun times I’ve had.

In this blog I’m more than likely going to be writing about my work life. I’m running with a fairly monumental project that has numerous opportunities and challenges, but which has the potential to change a lot of peoples lives for the better. The issues I encounter are primarily attitudinal as the educational establishment in which I work is somewhat archaic in it’s culture.

In a large organization change can be a slow and painful process, especially when most people haven’t bought in to the vision. The technology that you are introducing is not proven in their environment. Some see it as a step towards losing their jobs.

Some just don’t want to improve.

I’m not like that. They’re coming with me on this one even if I have to drag the whole world behind me!!

I’m going to leave details my employer and establishment out of this to enable me to write frankly about what I do and the challenges I encounter. Those that know me personally will probably be able to work most of it out… but they have to find me first!!! 😀

So have fun reading, hopefully you will find it informative and entertaining… it may even give you some inspiration.

Jon 🙂

One thought on “What’s it all about?

  1. Navinder Vilkhou says:

    Love the site, and the intro to you, your positivity and your aims. People don’t like change because often they feel that it takes their control away, or they feel that you may be challenging their long-held beliefs and that’s not something that people like either!

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