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May 22, 2013 by jonmillymiles

Sorry for the delay, erm… my modules have finished and all handed in… so its time for a bit of a catch up. I’m pretty much up to date with the 3D modelling aspect so I’m going to concentrate on my flash project.

Over the past couple of months I’ve blogged at every stage of development, but for now I am just going to show my final submission… and there has been a lot of work in between: all commented I have over 2000 lines of action script in the main game, and a couple of hundred in the menu system.

Hail Storm Menu

Hail Storm Menu

Menu – Here’s the menu system – the files will not work as the hyper links will be broken… except for the link to this blog. It caused a few headaches because of the way that the code works, but it works. It uses repetitive code and lots of buttons when really I could have used arrays and dynamic text fields but I thought it would be quicker to make… I now wish I hadn’t have bothered and had coded the whole shebang instead!!!!

Hail Storm

Final Submission

Final Submission – Enjoy. The aim is simple… do as much damage to the enemy fleet as you can. Some are harder to kill than others, but you have a load of power ups at your disposal. You will at some point get a fighter drone which you can control with the mouse.When it is docked you can charge a shield if you are using the guns, but not if you are using the missiles 🙂


  • W – Up
  • S – Down
  • A – Left
  • D – Right
  • E – Change from guns to missiles
  • Q – Dock and launch the fighter drone.
  • Left Mouse Button – Shoot
  • Mouse – Control the drone
Clouds, enemies, power ups!!!

Clouds, enemies, power ups!!!

Loads of stuff going on!!!

Clouds, space hulks and far too many bullets!!! Or at least there would have been had I not been trying to stay alive!!!! 😀

So what next… I want to get back into my programming flow and there are still aspects that I want to work on: enemies that shoot back, waves of enemies, bosses, scenery that you can collide with.

This is now a work in progress.!


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