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February 18, 2013 by jonmillymiles

To quote a close friend of mine, “Wow!!”

This week has been extremely productive on a number of fronts with regards to my “to-do” list and my 3D level. As a result its starting to look a lot more Victorian and a lot more purposeful. I read somewhere last year that a game environment should be designed around the purpose of that environment if it were real. The context should marry up with the design which will then heighten the experience for the player. In posh words this is called ludonarrative coherence: the game and the story aligning.

So, where am I at??

  • I have pretty much finished off the modelling for the external area and the internal area is complete.I just need to create the river.
  • I have created a new sky-dome and got rid of the old one.
  • I have created street lighting and, in my opinion, it sets the tone well as it’s gloomy and feels like everyone has run indoors for the night.
  • I have created a door for me to use within a matinee sequence.
  • I have created a simple matinee sequence which opens the door.
  • I have created triggers on two of my pillars, both of which activate lights to show on and off.
  • One of my triggers uses a variable and an if statement to open and close the door.
  • Finally, and most importantly for me, I have fixed my broken meshes. I had problems with some polygons not displaying at all and did some research. I went to this site and there is a line there that says “Note: Make sure your model is composed of only triangles and quads. If your model has faces with five or more sides, it might not display correctly in the UDK.“Seems pretty straight forwards – all of the polygons that were missing had at least 8 sides!!! I tried breaking up the poly’s in 3DS Max but that didn’t help, in fact it just confused me and got me all frustrated. So I converted the models to Editable Meshes and exported those instead. Success!!

So where is my list at after the fulfilling week??

Number 1 is done – my level design is complete and I am happy with how I see it working.

External Blocked Area

External Blocked Area

The stairs and Sparker Room

The stairs and Sparker Room

The Sparker room and cell block

The Sparker room and cell block

Number 2 – The blocked out level is very nearly almost done – I need to finish the river.

Number 3 – Facades – Needs to be started

Number 4 – Textures – Need to be started

Number 5 – Objects – Has been started. I now have a simple heavy door and a Victorian street lamp.

Number 6 is done – I now have animated textures.

Number 7 – I’m becoming more familiar with Kismet and I am getting to the point where I am nearly able to create simple puzzles. One thing that I do need to learn to do is to create textures that can be turned on and off so that I can get the puzzle working effectively in the sparker room.

Number 8 – Matinees – Created and demonstrated in line with Kismet. I need at least one more, possibly 5, maybe more depending on how the texture changing will work.

Number 9 – Train passing through the level – Needs to be started

Number 10 – Low poly methodology – Will be done in unison with numbers 3,4,5 and 8. I need to work on height and bump maps more.

Number 11 – The broken Meshes have now been fixed, this is one to tick off from the last module 😀

Where next?? My focus for this week is going to be the Kismet and Matinee areas. I want to get the sparker room puzzle done first and then I will do the textures. The puzzle for the entrance can wait a little as I will learn less from doing it.

Wish me luck 😉


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