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February 10, 2013 by jonmillymiles

I had a great help last week, our MA student came in and gave me a fantastic 1-to-1 on Kismet and the Materials editor. Without Jasons help I am certain that Number 6 would not have been completed so quickly and number 7 would not be as far along as it is. So a very public thank you to him 🙂

Well, following the posting of my to-do list on this subject earlier I can now tick off a few other things 😀

Number 1 is done – my level design is complete and I am happy with how I see it working.

Number 2 is mostly done – I need to finish of the final two sections of the map: the cell block and the riverside. The first shouldn’t take too long whereas the second will require me to investigate the use of different shaped brushes.

Number 3 – Facades – Needs to be started

Number 4 – Textures – Needs to be started

Number 5 – Objects – Needs to be started

Animated Textures in UDK

Animated Textures in UDK

Number 6 is done – I now have animated textures producing a rather pleasant sparking effect in the Sparker room.

Number 7 – I have also learned how to use Kismet and triggers to turn on and off various lights, but I really need to practice a bit more so that I can get other things working as I want so that I can create puzzles.

Number 8 – Matinees – Needs to be started, but this is going to be my next step with number 7 so that I can have a visible, meaningful output for my puzzles.

Number 9 – Train passing through the level – Needs to be started

Number 10 – Low poly methodology – Will be done in unison with numbers 3,4,5 and 8.

I’m now adding number 11 to the list too – I need to find out why some of my models have their sides missing in UDK as it’s really bugging me. One to ask those around me 😀

Here’s some pictures so that you can see some of the features:


A long shot of the bridge


A stairwell from my level.

Sparker Room

The Sparker Room – a major puzzle


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