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February 2, 2013 by jonmillymiles

At the end of our last module we had to set out a way forward for this module. I had a few reservations about what I had achieved and I was not happy that my evil scientists lair within a Railway Bridge in a Victorian industrial area had been relegated to a bridge in the countryside somewhere. So my first aim was to set about making this right.

I needed to create an industrial area, complete with factories, roads and at least some semblance of habitation that fitted in well with the Bridge. From there the internal architecture of the lair would take over, but there needed to be some flow to the design to channel the player towards the entrance. I also needed to think about how I would model, texture and style the area to make it feel authentic. I would then need to think about how to include some of the more complex goals that I had set myself for this module, like simple puzzles and matinees.

In order to achieve, it is vital to plan… and so it begins:

  1. Concept art and map out key areas and sequences in draft first. Plot expected navigation route through map.
  2. Create blocked out map – External area (with facades) and internal area
  3. Create facades for industrial area to include: Shops, doors and windows.
  4. Common textures – Brick and wood work. For walls, fences and panelled off areas.
  5. Create objects to be interacted with – levers (Railway signal box) using various methodologies in 3DS Max
  6. Create dynamic textures for electrical effects (sparks, lightning) using Kismet
  7. Use Kismet to create a puzzle with triggers to gain access to the internal area.
  8. Use Matinee to create a “cut scene” door opening sequence for the transition from external to internal.
  9. Use Matinee to create a train that travels across the top of the bridge.
  10. Throughout: create scenery using an ultra-low poly-count methodology

Its a long, detailed and in parts complex list but it gives me milestones to reach and a route to keep me going should work get in the way.

So I began immediately… at No. 1 😀


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