Children are the future

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July 4, 2011 by jonmillymiles

My daughter wanted to be a fashion designer; she has loads of really good ideas for dresses, tops, skirts and trousers. But she’s a little bit too much like me – she loves computers.

Over the past few months she’s been looking at some of the work that I do and has been quite complimentary in her feedback. So I started to teach her a few things.

Firstly I scanned in some shapes that could be used as clothes and converted them into brushes in Photoshop. Then I showed her how to use them in “anger”, using layer styles to add patterns, effects and gradients. She became quite proficient but she soon tired of it as she ran out of brushes and combinations.

I’ve had her create a short (20secs) stop motion animation in MS Movie Maker that she planned and animated herself with her camera. But she seemed to bore of the repetitive nature of the task. She is like me: she hates monotony.

So I showed her Fireworks. I love Fireworks because it allows for a more structured creative experience. Vectors are much easier to manipulate and alter and the styles are easier to apply and reorder. Admittedly for image editing it does not have all the features of it’s big brother but then… it isn’t trying to be. So she got to grips with it and began to produce some good stuff.

Now she has moved back to Photoshop. She still uses Fireworks but now it is very much a tool and not an outlet. It is a means to an end. She is taking the concepts that she has learned and applying them to her Photoshop work, learning from me as she goes. I have no doubt that in time she will be an excellent designer.

The point that I am trying to make, albeit somewhat circuitously, is that we have to give our children, students and colleagues chance to grow and develop as individuals. With a little nurturing and encouragement they are a thing of beauty.

But for now I’ll let her work speak for itself:


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