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June 20, 2011 by jonmillymiles

If I had drawn a graph of progress up until a week ago it would look something like this: —————

At least that is against my own personal goals for what I am trying to achieve.  Things have changed.

I have got my development suite that I have been asking for for ages!!! 😀

Well when I say got, it should be here by the end of the week!!!. When I say ages I’m talking over a year. It seems like a silly statement but this has been really important to me as it will help me achieve a number of goals, from the creation of complex content using Adobe Flash through to the ability to generate proper podcasts using Adobe After Effects and Premier.

But the biggest reason for my suite, for me at least, is that I want to get all the staff in our establishment trained up in all the new technologies that we are trying to introduce. I’m a firm believer in positive intent, that if you act positively and honestly then others will to. I know that there are always some who will take advantage, however the others will see this and generally either make them feel bad or to just disown them. I’ve seen both happen and the latter is not pretty but they haven’t done it again.

My theory is that if we invest in our staff then they will pay us back in at least a small way subconsciously. Even if it is just a slight shift in attitude then it is still an improvement on what we had before. I am to achieve this by teaching our teachers how to use technology creatively so that they can create better media and supporting materials for their lessons. The theory is that if you have built it then you will want to see it succeed. And I want to give people lots of reasons to succeed.

So here’s my plan:

  1. Get everyone trained up on Moodle, how to use it and how to build with it.
  2. Get people being more creative with their lesson materials, give them ownership and fun.
  3. Get people making more interactive media for student support away from the classroom.
  4. Get people teaching each other how to do good stuff in all of the above. This is really important!!!!

The reason why number 4 is so important is simple. If I tell you that something is good then you might or might not believe me. But if your friend was to tell you exactly the same thing, then you would believe them more than me. The other reason behind 4 is to encourage the spread of best practice. We want our teachers to feel that being creative, innovative and fresh is good.

By encouraging the fun aspects of the new technology the acceptance of it will grow. By getting more and more people on board, the inclusion of it within lessons will grow. By better supporting our students they will grow and the instructors will gain better results.

The benefits to all really do outweigh the costs. I just hope I can get enough people through the doors.


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