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June 11, 2011 by jonmillymiles

How do I kick this off???

Well I thought that the first thing to do would be to give you a brief synopsis of the past year: where I’ve come, from what I do and where I am intending to go.

Well… I’m a “happily married” father of four who used to work in the UK Armed Forces. I left after completing 12 years working with IT, communications kit and students. When I left I got a job as a teacher with my current employer and haven’t looked back. Cutting the “shackles” of Forces life has given me a new lease of life: I am embracing my creative side both from a design and a management perspective.

The role that I was employed to carry out has changed. I am now managing and developing the technology with which our establishment delivers it’s training. I am creating the concept that hopefully others will see, like and take on board. It may not be new to some employers, but to mine it the equivalent of moving from gas lighting to electricity, and that change is hard for some.

Moodle Logo

In short I am trying to move my place of work away from endless Powerpoints to a more interactive and enriching learning experience for our students. I am trying to do this using Moodle as a delivery platform as this meets a number of business needs while allowing us the freedom to provide both gradual change and easy integration.

But that is not my only role. I also develop proofs of concept: showing teaching staff what they can achieve and how they can use it. This ranges from developing Computer Based Training Packages, through to wiki’s, forums, online testing, online student feedback and much much more.

I am also the lead developer for my organization: responsible for producing deliverables that can be used in lessons. This  ranges from templates for Powerpoint through to video and web editing: if it involves creative tech then it comes to me. In fact if it involves teaching and tech then it comes to me.

So where am I going…

My aim is simple – to provide ubiquitous access to interactive and engaging learning materials to our students. Sounds posh but all it really means is that I want our students to be in charge of learning that they enjoy.

Can I do it??

As I keep telling my colleagues: anything is possible!

You just wait and see!! 😀


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